Family-owned and run, supplying authentic tortilla products

El Popocatepetl Tortilleria is a 3rd-Generation family owned business, operating out of Chicago’s Pilsen and Mckinley Park neighborhoods (‘since 1957 and 2007, respectively).

El Popo’s History

For over 50 years we have taken pride in servicing Chicago’s beautiful community — offering delivery service to restaurants and fresh markets throughout many of our vibrant neighborhoods. In addition to the greater Chicagoland community — by way of wholesale distribution, custom food-service packaging, and private label co-packing  — El Popo Tortillas can be found in over 30 states in North America, and even Canada! 

Our Values

We go by the saying “Limpieza y Calidad”  (Cleanliness and Quality); Honoring the ancient tradition of tortilla making, El ‘Popo’ begins each batch just as our ancestors did — with fresh masa made from only three ingredients; corn, water and lime. Dedication to this process over generations has made El Popocatepetl one the top masa and tortilla manufacturers in all of Chicagoland! 

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