Corn Tortillas

We go by the saying “Limpieza y Calidad”  (Cleanliness and Quality); Honoring the ancient tradition of tortilla making, El ‘Popo’ begins each batch just as our ancestors did — with fresh masa made from only three ingredients; corn, water and lime. Dedication to this process over generations has made El Popocatepetl one the top masa and tortilla manufacturers in all of Chicagoland! 

5″ Birria (White or Yellow)
6″ 1/dozen
6″ Family 27oz
6″ Ranchera
6″ Tortilla for Chips (White)
6″ Tortilla for Chips (Yellow)
8″ Tortilla for Flauta

Tortilla Caliente y Especiales

Our famous tortilla ‘caliente’ — made fresh daily and hand-wrapped in wax paper —  is ready for parties, catering events, and your next homemade meal!

3.5″ Popita Caliente
4″ Comal Caliente
4″ Enchilada
5.5″ Caliente
5″ Birria Caliente
6″ Caliente
6″ Enchilada


If you prefer to make your own tortillas, gorditas, huaraches, sopes, or tamales “a mano”, we specialize in fresh, NON-GMO ground corn masa for tortillas and tamales, as well as nixtamal for pozole, each sold by the pound.

Chile Guajillo
Maiz Crudo
Maiz Amarilla
Masa Azul
Masa Blanca
Masa Preparada (10lbs)
Masa Tamal Natural
Masa Tamal Preparada (5lbs)
Masa Tamal Preparada *Dulce* (5lbs)

Flour Tortillas

Our flour tortillas and burrito wraps are vegetarian! Available in Regular, Spinach, Tomato, Chipotle, Multi-Grain and Wheat flavors. We offer 4” – 14”and food service packaging.

6″ Casera Flour
6″ Regular Flour
8″ Fajita Flour
8″ Chipotle Flour
8″ Multigrain Flour
8″ Spinach Flour
8″ Tomato Flour
8″ Wheat Flour
10″ Burrito Flour

Matilda Chips and Tostadas

In addition to our own tortillas, El ‘Popo’ is proud to distribute Chicago’s very own Matilda Brand Tortilla Chips and Tostada products. If you have ever opened a bag of Matilda Chips de Sal, you know they’re impossible to put down! Perfect for serving alongside your fresh guacamoles, carnes, sopas, salsas and dips.

Chips de Chile
Chips de Sal
Tostada Casera
Tostada Casera Chipotle
Tostada Chiquita

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